One survey (by a water filtration firm) estimated that roughly 77% of the US makes use of an in-home water filtration system. The $5.85 billion US water air purifier market (in 2021) is predicted to develop yearly. Since such a big proportion of People use water filters [1], extra consideration should be paid to the well being issues that may happen from not altering these filters.

Varieties of House Water Filter Methods

The primary 4 programs are thought of point-of-use remedy programs since they deal with water in batches and ship it to a single faucet. In distinction, the entire home system is taken into account a point-of-entry remedy system, sometimes treating a lot of the water getting into a house.  

Do you Want a Water Filter?

Most individuals purchase a water filter due to style or odor issues or as a result of they’re apprehensive it could comprise chemical substances, reminiscent of lead, which are hazardous to their well being.

Step one to deciding when you want a water filter is to seek out your ingesting water supply. In case your ingesting water comes from a medium to giant public water system, you almost certainly don’t want a water filter. As I beforehand wrote, most medium to giant water programs have executed a superb job assembly the EPA ingesting water laws. Most issues with ingesting water happen in small water programs and personal wells.   

In case you are having style or odor issues along with your ingesting water, is the issue along with your family plumbing or your water utility? If the issue solely happens in sure taps, it’s doubtless in your family plumbing; if it happens all through the house, it’s in all probability out of your water utility – contact them or your native public well being company.

The excellent news is that these style and odor issues don’t often trigger well being issues. Nonetheless, no one likes to drink water that tastes or smells dangerous, and a water filter will be very useful in fixing these points. 

A few of the commonest style and odor issues in ingesting water are:  

  • metallic style – often attributable to iron or copper leaching from the pipes
  • chlorine or “chemical” style or odor  – often an interplay of chlorine with natural matter in your plumbing system
  • sulfur or rotten egg odor – often from naturally occurring hydrogen sulfide present in groundwater 
  • moldy or fishy odor –  often attributable to micro organism rising in your sink drain or vegetation, animals, or micro organism naturally present in lakes and reservoirs
  • salty style – often attributable to excessive ranges of naturally occurring sodium, magnesium, or potassium.

The second purpose folks purchase water filters is due to concern of hazardous chemical substances. Though EPA regulates 90 contaminants in public water programs, many individuals don’t belief that their water is secure to drink with out a water filter. A survey reported that folks filtered their water believing it was more healthy (42%) or extra environmentally pleasant (41%) or they didn’t belief the standard of their water (37%).   

Well being Points

Unchanged water filters can result in extra well being issues than they resolve

This occurs as a result of dangerous micro organism and different microbes can develop and breed when filters will not be modified usually. As filters grow to be blocked, they’ll break down, making a backlog of micro organism and chemical substances that may enter your house water. The overgrowth of dangerous micro organism will be dangerous to your well being, inflicting gastrointestinal issues, together with vomiting and diarrhea.   

Water filters take away each good and dangerous chemical substances

Water filters can’t distinguish between chemical substances which are important for good well being, reminiscent of calcium, magnesium, iodine, and potassium, and people which are dangerous, reminiscent of lead and cadmium.

It’s because eradicating chemical substances with water filters is predicated on the pore dimension of the filters, the dimensions of the tiny holes that allow water by. Think about a strainer or colander. The smaller the pores, the smaller the contaminants they preserve out. For instance, an activated carbon filter with a microfiltration filter has a pore dimension of roughly 0.1 microns [2]; a reverse osmosis filter has a pore dimension of about 0.0001 microns, holding out smaller dimension chemical substances than the carbon filter.

Filters will preserve out all chemical substances of comparable dimension, whether or not they’re important for good well being or hazardous. This has grow to be an situation in international locations reminiscent of Israel, which extensively use desalination for his or her ingesting water. Desalination makes use of a reverse-osmosis system to take away salt from the water, however together with salt, it additionally removes 4 important parts: fluoride, calcium, iodine, and magnesium. There’s specific concern in Israel with iodine deficiency, which may trigger thyroid dysfunction, and magnesium deficiency, linked to coronary heart issues and kind 2 diabetes, within the inhabitants as a result of widespread use of desalination.   

What’s a client to do?

There is no such thing as a one reply as as to whether you can purchase a water filter. It is a private selection depending on the specifics of your house scenario. Crucial points when investigating dwelling water filters are the filter sort, pore dimension, and the particular contaminants eliminated.

The main varieties of water filters are:

  • Activated Carbon – is the most typical sort due to its low value and excessive adsorption charge. Appropriate for eradicating lead, mercury, and chlorine, nevertheless it doesn’t take away nitrate, arsenic, heavy metals, or many micro organism.
  • Reverse Osmosis – makes use of stress to take away impurities by semi-permeable membranes. Good at eradicating many chemical substances and micro organism.
  • Ultrafiltration – just like reverse osmosis however doesn’t require power to work. It removes extra chemical substances than reverse osmosis.
  • Water Distillation – heats water to the boiling level after which collects the water vapor because it condenses. Appropriate for eradicating most chemical substances and micro organism.
  • Ion Alternate Filters – use a resin that comprises positively charged hydrogen ions that appeal to contaminants—used for water softening (removes calcium, magnesium, and different minerals from water and replaces them with sodium). 
  • Ultraviolet Radiation – high-intensity mild removes micro organism however doesn’t take away chemical substances.

In case you are fascinated by shopping for a water filter, there are some glorious assets out there:  

Should you purchase a water filter or have an current unit, please keep in mind to alter the filter!


[1] I exploit the time period “water filter” to consult with any machine that removes contaminants from water.

[2] A micron is the same as a millionth of a meter; a human hair is roughly 70 microns

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