• A bathtub-to-shower conversion typically units you again in between $1,200 and in addition $8,000, with a nationwide customary of $3,000.
  • A number of of the variables that determine the exact worth encompass the bathe dimension and in addition product, the kind of conversion picked, and in addition the bills to eliminate and in addition eliminate the previous bathtub.
  • Remodeling a shower tub to a bathe can help dwelling homeowners make much better use their space, whereas moreover reducing water bills and in addition boosting availability.
  • Since a tub-to-shower conversion is a complete job needing demolition, drywall installment, framework, and in addition pipes, this can be a job best entrusted to an knowledgeable.

Mounting a bathe?

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An previous, out-of-date tub tub can actually really feel further like an annoyance than a sensible attribute. Remodeling an previous bathtub to a bathe can’t simply replace an space, nonetheless it might probably moreover give an additional efficient and in addition hassle-free methodology for the home proprietor, owners, and in addition guests to bathe. Whether or not a home proprietor is searching for to reduce water bills, make their restroom further obtainable, or simply wishes an additional trendy and in addition sensible space, a tub-to-shower conversion may present the most effective service.

In keeping with Angi and in addition HomeAdvisor, tub-to-shower conversion worth varieties from $1,200 to $8,000, with the everyday worth of tub-to-shower conversion round $3,000. A bathtub-to-shower conversion adjustments a typical tub tub with a standing bathe. There are a number of variables that affect the worth to take action, consisting of the bathe’s dimension, design, merchandise, conversion variety, and in addition varied different variables described on this worth overview. Moreover, this overview explains the assorted sorts of tub-to-shower conversions, some great benefits of the job, and in addition simply how dwelling homeowners can work with the simplest tub-to-shower conversion specialists for the work.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion Cost


Think about Computing Tub-to-Bathe Conversion Worth

Remodeling a bath to a bathe provides a number of benefits, nonetheless previous to testing tub-to-shower conversion ideas, it is vitally necessary for dwelling homeowners to acknowledge the variables coated listed under that add to the full worth.

Bathe Dimension, Design, and in addition Product

The three main variables that affect tub-to-shower conversion bills are the dimension of the bathe, the design of the bathe, and in addition the merchandise utilized. Primarily, the dimension of a bathe influences the speed. Huge showers name for much more merchandise and in addition much more labor hrs to develop, which provides to a much bigger whole worth.

As for bathe designs, a home proprietor will normally choose in between a premade bathe system or a custom-tiled bathe. Constructed gadgets are extra economical since they’re less complicated to mount. With a custom-tiled bathe, much more initiative is required to mount the ceramic tile help and in addition grouting, and in addition the positioning of every particular ceramic tile.

When choosing a tiled bathe, a home proprietor can choose less-expensive merchandise corresponding to ceramic ground tile, which units you again round $0.50 per sq. foot, or more-expensive merchandise corresponding to marble or porcelain ceramic tile, which units you again round $15 or much more per sq. foot. Householders will definitely intend to consider each the high quality of merchandise and in addition the dimension and in addition design of their bathe to approximate the entire worth.

Conversion Form

Many of the occasions, dwelling homeowners rework their tub tub proper into both a walk-in bathe, a bathe delay, or a tiled bathe. Every of those tub-to-shower conversion varieties has a varied related worth. The least-expensive alternative is a bathe delay, which varies from $1,000 to $8,000. Bathe stalls are constructed gadgets that may be present in one or 4 objects and in addition are quickly arrange, allowing a lowered charge issue. A walk-in bathe bills $800 to $15,000, and in addition a tiled bathe bills $3,500 to $15,000. Stroll-in showers can moreover be tiled showers, subsequently the comparable charge components. These sorts of showers could be made with low-cost or expensive ceramic tiles and in addition could be little or massive, each considered one of which will definitely affect the entire worth.

Bathtub Elimination and in addition Disposal

Eliminating and in addition eliminating the previous tub tub is the preliminary step of a tub-to-shower conversion job. The value to eliminate and in addition eliminate a bath is in between $150 and in addition $300. Huge bathtubs or extraordinarily hefty vintage claw-foot bathtubs can set you again larger than $300 to eliminate due to the extra initiative required. The value of walk-in bathtub elimination could be larger as this kind of bathtub tends to be greater than a standard bathtub. Looking the previous bathtub by way of restricted entrances or slim stairs can embrace problem to the disposal process and in addition press the worth up over the larger finish of the array. Householders would possibly moreover must pay $300 to $800 for clean-up and in addition wall floor restore providers after the bath is gotten rid of.

Bathe Stall, Faucet, and in addition Door Setup

As soon as the previous bathtub is gotten rid of and in addition any type of restore providers are made, the brand-new bathe’s delay, faucet, and in addition door could be arrange. A premade bathe delay set will definitely set you again anyplace from $1,000 to $8,000 for merchandise and in addition installment—this consists of bathe wall surfaces and in addition a flooring and in addition is usually extra reasonably priced than a custom-tiled bathe. These units regularly don’t included the wanted faucet or bathe door, so dwelling homeowners will definitely require to mean to spend for these features individually. A bathe part established consisting of the faucet and in addition bathe head bills from $50 to $900. The more-expensive bathe parts have really included features like a number of spray options and in addition temperature degree controls. A bathe door will definitely set you again $600 to $1,350 counting on the mounting product and in addition whether or not it’s gliding, pivoted, or repaired.

Geographical Space

Altering a bath to a bathe will definitely be further expensive in some geographical locations than in others. This generally issues the worth of dwelling in addition to the necessity for plumbing technicians and in addition fundamental specialists within the metropolis. Bathe rework bills will definitely be further expensive in places with a larger worth of dwelling which have much more want for having job. The complying with are the everyday bills to alter a shower tub with a bathe in some cities across the nation.

Metropolis Typical Worth
Raleigh, North Carolina $8,858
Dallas, Texas $7,355
Phoenix Az, Arizona $7,252
Kansas Metropolis, Missouri $5,332
Chicago, Illinois $4,568
New York Metropolis Metropolis $3,890
Sacramento, The Golden State $2,478

Added Costs and in addition Components To Think about

Together with the worth variables clarified above, there are a few further that may use in some circumstances. The complying with particulars will definitely help dwelling homeowners acknowledge the worth of added job related to a tub-to-shower conversion job.

Constructed vs. Personalised Bathe

A premade tub-to-shower conversion set simply units you again $1,000 to $8,000 contrasted to a customized bathe which may set you again $3,500 to $15,000. Constructed gadgets simply could be discovered particularly dimensions, so dwelling homeowners will definitely require to mount the wall surfaces of their restroom appropriately, and in addition they may not acquire as giant a bathe as they would definitely corresponding to. The profit is the lowered worth of premade wall surfaces. A custom-made bathe could be the exact shapes and measurement {that a} home proprietor wishes of their restroom, nonetheless it should actually include a larger charge issue. If each options noise excellent, there’s a pleased medium: A home proprietor could make use of a premade bathe frying pan or flooring and after that custom-tile the bathe wall surfaces. A bathe frying pan bills anyplace from $500 to $3,500.


There could be varied different wants all through a tub-to-shower conversion job, typically pipes restore providers or design alterations. Householders can anticipate to pay in between $300 and in addition $2,400 for any type of added function of their restroom. If the job is particularly pertaining to pipes, a plumbing technician will definitely invoice round $90 per hr. It’s a nice suggestion for dwelling homeowners to have all wanted restroom restore providers completed at the very same time as a further job since finally it should actually preserve money in labor bills. Householders can analysis research restroom restoration bills together with tub-to-shower conversion bills to acquire a suggestion of what they will anticipate to pay in general.

Ease Of Entry and in addition Security And Safety Attribute Setup

Some dwelling homeowners choose to remodel their bathtubs to a bathe for availability components. Wheelchair issues could make it powerful to climb up over the facet of a shower tub proper right into a bathe every day. There are numerous different features that may be arrange in a bathe to reinforce whole safety consisting of bathe bars, seats, and in addition linings. A bathe seat or bench bills $200 to $500, and in addition pay money for bars or hand rails set you again $25 to $370.


When a home proprietor is mounting a brand-new bathe, there are many probabilities for personalization. Personalizations can encompass particular ceramic tile kinds, racks or particular niches, a customized bathe kind, and in addition further. Any sort of modifications previous the bottom fashion will definitely elevate the worth, so dwelling homeowners will definitely intend to keep up this in thoughts as they intend their want bathe fashion. For example, a bathe rack, particular area of interest, or bench varieties from $200 to $500.

Added Pipes Job

There’s always a risk added pipes job will definitely be wanted when a home proprietor is remodeling a bath to a bathe. The job will definitely encompass exchanging out bathe parts and in addition mounting a bathe head; nonetheless, added pipes job, like altering out-of-date pipelines and in addition shutoffs, would possibly moreover be wanted. The value of this pipes job can range from $500 to $1,100. Altering an previous and in addition out-of-date bathe shutoff with among the many best bathe shutoffs bills in between $225 and in addition $575.

Mould And Mildew Removing

When a shower tub is gotten rid of from a restroom—particularly an older restroom—there’s a risk the service supplier will definitely uncover mould and mildew. Little issues will definitely not have extreme of a funds plan impact, nonetheless greater issues can name for mould and mildew elimination that dramatically raises the restroom rework worth. Mould and mildew or mould triggered by water damages can rot timber framework or drywall together with creating wellness points. Mould and mildew elimination bills for a restroom array from $500 to $1,000 counting on the seriousness.


Many of the occasions, a tub-to-shower conversion job will definitely name for a construction license to complete. This outcomes from the pipes alterations wanted. A construction examiner ought to test these alterations to ensure they’re acceptable and in addition as much as code. The value of a construction license varies from $180 to $2,000 counting on the extent of the job and in addition the place it’s situated. Householders can discuss to their service supplier to determine whether or not a construction license is required and in addition what it should normally set you again.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion Cost


Varieties Of Tub-to-Bathe Conversions

There are normally 3 sorts of showers dwelling homeowners can decide from when remodeling a bath to a bathe: a walk-in bathe, a bathe delay, or a tiled bathe. The data and in addition costs for each tub-to-shower conversion alternative are clarified listed under.

Stroll-in Bathe

A bathtub-to-walk-in bathe conversion bills anyplace from $800 to $15,000. This kind of bathe doesn’t have a door, offering an additional roomy feeling and in addition much better availability for these with bodily constraints. Stroll-in showers could be made in a number of merchandise and in addition dimensions, subsequently the broad charge array. Constructed walk-in bathe gadgets are situated on the lowered finish of the speed array, whereas massive, custom-tiled walk-in showers go to the high-end.

Bathe Stall

Altering a bath with a bathe delay bills in between $1,000 and in addition $8,000. Bathe stalls are regularly constructed and in addition been out there in a package deal that consists of the wall surfaces and in addition flooring. Added features like a bathe seat or glass door will definitely contribute to the full worth. There are completely different bathe delay varieties to select from, with every having varied prices as adheres to:

  • Sq. edge bathe delay: $350 to $1,400
  • Spherical edge bathe delay: $500 to $1,300
  • Rectangle-shaped bathe delay: $500 to $2,300
  • Curbless bathe delay: $2,000 to $4,100

Tiled Bathe

Tiled showers have wall surfaces and in addition a flooring coated in ceramic tiles. Remodeling a bath to a tiled bathe will definitely set you again in between $3,500 and in addition $15,000, nonetheless this charge finally depends on the sq. video footage of the bathe. Householders can anticipate to pay $25 per sq. foot for merchandise and in addition labor. Specific sorts of ceramic tiles will definitely be further expensive than others—dwelling homeowners can choose ceramic ground tile to preserve money, and in addition marble ceramic tile for a splurge.

Benefits of a Tub-to-Bathe Conversion

There are a number of components a home proprietor would possibly intend to trade out their bathtub for a bathe, whether or not it’s to reinforce the looks of their restroom, make much better use space, or improve availability. These and in addition varied different benefits of a tub-to-shower conversion are listed right here.

A lot Higher Use Space

In little restrooms, a shower tub can expend quite a lot of helpful area within the design. If the residence’s owners aren’t making use of the bathtub tub generally, it might probably seem to be squandered space. A bathe is often a a lot better use space, because it doesn’t require to be as massive as a bath. A tub could be 6 ft (or 72 inches) in measurement, whereas a little bit bathe system could be simply 30 inches. Householders can make the most of the extra space for much-needed cupboard space or to supply the restroom an additional open feeling.

Decreased Water Prices

Showering makes use of a lot much less water than washing; for that cause, a tub-to-shower conversion will sometimes decrease a residence’s water utilization and in addition water bills. This isn’t always the occasion if owners take lengthy showers; nonetheless, regularly, bathing is most probably to preserve dwelling homeowners money contrasted to washing.

Improved Security And Safety

It isn’t uncommon for accidents to occur in a restroom that belong to getting concerned within the tub tub. People would possibly slide and in addition drop whereas searching over the bathtub tub’s facet. Eliminating this barrier and in addition mounting a bathe will definitely improve the safety of a restroom. It is a particularly essential issue to contemplate if anyone within the household has flexibility issues.

Less complicated Ease Of Entry

Getting into a walk-in bathe is quite a bit simpler for all people than getting concerned in a shower tub, irrespective of bodily functionality. The facet of a tub is well-known for creating slides and in addition drops and in addition is usually a vital barrier for these with flexibility constraints. A bathe will definitely have merely a little bit aesthetic or may additionally be curbless, making it fundamental to enter and in addition out of.

Lowered Repairs

It’s typically less complicated to keep up a bathe tidy contrasted to a shower tub. Contemplating that the wall surfaces are straight and in addition easy, there are much less sides the place cleaning soap residue and in addition particles can develop. Bathe wall surfaces will definitely stand up to mould and mildew and in addition mould improvement and in addition are somewhat self-cleaning because the water stream from the bathe head reaches the wall floor and in addition flooring floor areas.

Enhanced Appearances

A gorgeous walk-in bathe tends to look much more premium than a basic tub tub. Householders have the potential to utterly tailor the bathe and in addition wall floor options as an alternative of being caught to easily a rectangle-shaped bathtub. Looking for tub-to-shower conversion before-and-after footage can help dwelling homeowners think about the excellence mounting a bathe may make to their restroom.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion Cost


Tub-to-Bathe Conversion: Do It Your self vs. Using a Specialist 

Bathe delay units would possibly present up easy to mount, nonetheless there’s a nice deal much more to the job than satisfies the attention. Altering a bath with a bathe requires demolition, drywall, framework, and in addition most notably pipes talents that almost all of dwelling homeowners don’t have. Moreover, there’s a nice deal that may fail if the pipes is about up inaccurately. Sewage system gases can help from the drainpipe, and in addition water can leakage from pipelines. For these components, it’s suggested that dwelling homeowners keep away from do it your self tub-to-shower conversion duties and in addition work with an knowledgeable for the job somewhat.

A specialist restroom service supplier can utterly analyze a tub-to-shower conversion job and in addition present their understanding on the simplest kind of bathe to mount. The easiest tub-to-shower conversion companies will definitely have expertise ending comparable duties and in addition will probably end the job a lot quicker than an unskilled home proprietor would definitely. Householders will definitely moreover intend to remember that some areas don’t allow dwelling homeowners to complete this kind of job themselves; somewhat, a licensed specialist ought to end the job as part of the permitting process.

Remodeling your tub tub?

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Precisely Tips on how to Preserve Money on Tub-to-Bathe Conversion Worth

A bathtub-to-shower conversion will definitely set you again numerous bucks, so budget-conscious dwelling homeowners could be looking for strategies to preserve money on the job. Check out these money-saving ideas and in addition determine if they’re attainable strategies to preserve money in your tub-to-shower conversion job.

  • Choose a premade bathe system. Premade bathe gadgets are extra economical than custom-made showers. Whereas you’ll simply have a minimal alternative of dimensions and in addition designs to select from, in distinction to a customized bathe that features limitless options, it’s a great methodology to preserve appreciable money.
  • Do the bathtub tub elimination by yourself. Not all dwelling homeowners can sort out eliminating a shower tub themselves, nonetheless specific ones with constructing and development expertise might need the flexibility to. Ensure that to utterly look into the process and in addition pay money for plenty of people to assist with eliminating your current tub tub to organize on your brand-new bathe.
  • Have an adaptable timeline. The autumn and in addition springtime tend to be most well-liked occasions for residence restoration duties. Take into consideration ending your job within the middle of summer time season or winter months so there are further specialists supplied and in addition you’ve gotten options when it includes the worth of options.
  • Take into consideration working with a tub-to-shower specialised enterprise. There are a number of companies round that concentrate on remodeling bathtubs to showers. Some have the flexibility to complete these duties fast and in addition at a lowered worth. Analysis research these companies and in addition inquire about their one-day tub-to-shower conversion worth.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion Cost


Considerations to Inquire About Tub-to-Bathe Conversion

Previous to working with an knowledgeable restroom service supplier to remodel a shower tub to a bathe, dwelling homeowners will definitely intend to make sure they appropriately veterinarian the enterprise. By asking the complying with inquiries, dwelling homeowners can acquire much more particulars relating to the conversion process and in addition make an informed working with alternative for his or her restroom restoration job.

  • Do you present complimentary worth quotes?
  • Will you give a composed quote and in addition settlement?
  • Are you licensed and in addition assured to complete this kind of job?
  • For a way lengthy have you ever stayed in enterprise?
  • What kind of coaching do you present on your staff?
  • Will the job be completed by a employees member of your organization or by a subcontractor?
  • Are you able to give referrals from comparable duties?
  • What dimension will the brand-new bathe be? Exist varied different design options?
  • Can I see a number of of your tub-to-shower conversion images?
  • Do you counsel any type of varied different function in enhancement to remodeling the bath?
  • Do you anticipate any type of mould and mildew elimination job or added pipes job?
  • Do you name for a deposit, and in addition if that’s the case, simply how a lot?
  • What’s the settlement timetable, and in addition do you present layaway plan?
  • Do you present objects from sure model names? If that’s the case, what’s your Kohler tub-to-shower conversion worth?
  • Do you present a service guarantee in your job?
  • Precisely how rapidly are you able to prepare the job?
  • For a way lengthy will the tub-to-shower conversion take?
  • Will this job name for a construction permit?
  • Precisely how can I contact you whereas the job stays in improvement?
  • Do you take care of the clean-up after the job is full?
  • Precisely how will you safe my residence from damages all through the job?
  • Precisely how do you cope with disagreements or variations?

Continuously Requested Questions

Previous to starting a tub-to-shower conversion job, it is vitally necessary for dwelling homeowners to be skilled relating to as a lot of the process as possible. The response to the complying with usually requested inquiries present added particulars on remodeling a shower tub to a bathe.

Q. What ought to I take into consideration when remodeling a bath proper right into a bathe?

Householders will definitely intend to consider the entire extent of the job when remodeling a bath proper right into a bathe. Do they intend to have merely a bathe of their restroom, or are they bearing in mind altering the bath? Does the rest of the restroom requirement to be renovated all through this process? Householders will definitely intend to consider simply how they make use of the realm on a regular basis and in addition intend their tub-to-shower conversion appropriately.

Q. Is it extra reasonably priced to mount a bathe or a bath?

It units you again a little bit bit much more to mount a bathe than to mount a bath. The value to mount a bathe varies from round $3,300 to $10,500, whereas the worth to alter a bath or mount a brand-new one varies from round $4,150 to $10,850. A walk-in bathtub bills way more than a typical bathtub, with a wide range of $4,000 to $20,000. The exact worth depends on the dimension of the bathe or bathtub and in addition the high quality of the merchandise utilized.

Q. Precisely how do I uncover an knowledgeable installer?

To find an knowledgeable installer for a tub-to-shower conversion job, dwelling homeowners can start by asking their friends, relations, and in addition next-door neighbors for ideas. They may moreover intend to analysis research on-line for vetted restroom specialists of their location. Ideally, the service supplier will definitely handle the entire job and in addition job straight with the plumbing skilled to collaborate job, taking these jobs out of the home proprietor’s palms.

Q. Is it value it to remodel a bath proper right into a bathe?

Whether or not it’s value it or in any other case to remodel a bath proper right into a bathe depends on when a home proprietor prepares to market their residence. If they are going to actually be staying in your house for a number of years forward and in addition favor a bathe over a bath, after that it deserves it to remodel as they are going to actually acquire quite a lot of utilization from it. If a home proprietor intends on providing their residence inside a few years, they are going to actually intend to consider the benefits and drawbacks of promoting a residence with out a bathtub. Whereas some purchasers would possibly favor a walk-in bathe to a bath, others that enjoyment of bogs or have kids will probably want a minimal of 1 bathtub of their residence.

Q. Ought to I buy a bathe delay or develop a bathe?

Whereas it’s further price efficient to buy a bathe delay, dwelling homeowners can acquire the exact design and in addition dimension bathe they want by setting up a customized one. The answer finally depends on a home proprietor’s funds plan and in addition their wished dimension and in addition design of bathe. If a home proprietor has the funds plan supplied, a tailored walk-in bathe is most probably the simplest alternative.

Q. For a way lengthy does it require to remodel a bath to a bathe?

It may well take so long as 1 to 2 weeks to remodel a bath to a bathe, counting on the job extent. Mounting a premade bathe set will definitely take merely plenty of days, whereas mounting a giant, completely custom-tiled bathe will definitely use as much as per week. Elements that affect the interval of the job encompass the intricacy, dimension of the bathe, and in addition the expertise of the installer.

Mounting a bathe?

Depart it to the professionals. Distinction a number of quotes from certified specialists in your metropolis at this time.


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