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  • A tub-to-shower conversion generally sets you back in between $1,200 and also $8,000, with a nationwide standard of $3,000.
  • A few of the variables that identify the precise price consist of the shower dimension and also product, the sort of conversion picked, and also the expenses to get rid of and also get rid of the old bathtub.
  • Transforming a bath tub to a shower can aid home owners make far better use their area, while additionally decreasing water expenses and also boosting availability.
  • Since a tub-to-shower conversion is a comprehensive job needing demolition, drywall installment, framework, and also pipes, this is a job ideal entrusted to an expert.

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An old, out-of-date bath tub can really feel extra like an annoyance than a practical attribute. Transforming an old bathtub to a shower can not just update an area, however it can additionally give an extra effective and also hassle-free method for the house owner, homeowners, and also visitors to shower. Whether a house owner is seeking to minimize water expenses, make their restroom extra obtainable, or just desires an extra fashionable and also practical area, a tub-to-shower conversion could provide the best service.

According to Angi and also HomeAdvisor, tub-to-shower conversion price varieties from $1,200 to $8,000, with the typical price of tub-to-shower conversion around $3,000. A tub-to-shower conversion changes a typical bath tub with a standing shower. There are a variety of variables that influence the price to do so, consisting of the shower’s dimension, design, products, conversion kind, and also various other variables described in this price overview. Furthermore, this overview explains the various kinds of tub-to-shower conversions, the advantages of the job, and also just how home owners can work with the most effective tub-to-shower conversion specialists for the work.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion Cost

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Consider Computing Tub-to-Shower Conversion Price

Transforming a bathtub to a shower supplies several advantages, however prior to checking out tub-to-shower conversion suggestions, it is very important for home owners to recognize the variables covered listed below that add to the total price.

Shower Dimension, Design, and also Product

The 3 major variables that influence tub-to-shower conversion expenses are the dimension of the shower, the design of the shower, and also the products utilized. Primarily, the dimension of a shower influences the rate. Big showers call for even more products and also even more labor hrs to develop, which adds to a bigger total price.

As for shower designs, a house owner will usually select in between a premade shower system or a custom-tiled shower. Built devices are more economical since they are simpler to mount. With a custom-tiled shower, even more initiative is needed to mount the ceramic tile support and also grouting, and also the positioning of each specific ceramic tile.

When selecting a tiled shower, a house owner can select less-expensive products such as ceramic floor tile, which sets you back around $0.50 per square foot, or more-expensive products such as marble or porcelain ceramic tile, which sets you back around $15 or even more per square foot. House owners will certainly intend to think about both the top quality of products and also the dimension and also design of their shower to approximate the complete price.

Conversion Kind

Most of the times, home owners transform their bath tub right into either a walk-in shower, a shower delay, or a tiled shower. Each of these tub-to-shower conversion kinds has a various connected price. The least-expensive choice is a shower delay, which varies from $1,000 to $8,000. Shower stalls are built devices that can be found in one or 4 items and also are rapidly set up, permitting a reduced rate factor. A walk-in shower expenses $800 to $15,000, and also a tiled shower expenses $3,500 to $15,000. Walk-in showers can additionally be tiled showers, therefore the comparable rate factors. These kinds of showers can be made with low-cost or costly ceramic tiles and also can be little or big, every one of which will certainly influence the complete price.

Bathtub Elimination and also Disposal

Getting rid of and also getting rid of the old bath tub is the initial step of a tub-to-shower conversion job. The price to get rid of and also get rid of a bathtub is in between $150 and also $300. Big bathtubs or extremely hefty antique claw-foot bathtubs can set you back greater than $300 to get rid of because of the additional initiative required. The price of walk-in bathtub elimination might be greater as this sort of bathtub has a tendency to be bigger than a common bathtub. Browsing the old bathtub via limited entrances or slim stairs can include difficulty to the disposal procedure and also press the price up over the greater end of the array. House owners might additionally need to pay $300 to $800 for clean-up and also wall surface repair services after the bathtub is gotten rid of.

Shower Stall, Tap, and also Door Setup

Once the old bathtub is gotten rid of and also any kind of repair services are made, the brand-new shower’s delay, faucet, and also door can be set up. A premade shower delay set will certainly set you back anywhere from $1,000 to $8,000 for products and also installment—this consists of shower wall surfaces and also a flooring and also is generally more affordable than a custom-tiled shower. These sets frequently do not included the needed tap or shower door, so home owners will certainly require to intend to spend for these functions individually. A shower component established consisting of the tap and also shower head expenses from $50 to $900. The more-expensive shower components have actually included functions like several spray alternatives and also temperature level controls. A shower door will certainly set you back $600 to $1,350 relying on the mounting product and also whether it is gliding, pivoted, or repaired.

Geographical Area

Altering a bathtub to a shower will certainly be extra costly in some geographical places than in others. This commonly concerns the price of living as well as the need for plumbing technicians and also basic specialists in the city. Shower remodel expenses will certainly be extra costly in locations with a greater price of living that have even more need for having job. The complying with are the typical expenses to change a bath tub with a shower in some cities around the nation.

City Typical Price
Raleigh, North Carolina $8,858
Dallas, Texas $7,355
Phoenix Az, Arizona $7,252
Kansas City, Missouri $5,332
Chicago, Illinois $4,568
New York City City $3,890
Sacramento, The Golden State $2,478

Added Prices and also Factors To Consider

Along with the price variables clarified above, there are a couple of extra that can use in some circumstances. The complying with details will certainly aid home owners recognize the price of added job associated with a tub-to-shower conversion job.

Built vs. Personalized Shower

A premade tub-to-shower conversion set just sets you back $1,000 to $8,000 contrasted to a personalized shower which can set you back $3,500 to $15,000. Built devices just can be found in particular dimensions, so home owners will certainly require to mount the wall surfaces in their restroom appropriately, and also they might not obtain as large a shower as they would certainly such as. The benefit is the reduced price of premade wall surfaces. A custom-made shower can be the precise shapes and size that a house owner desires in their restroom, however it will certainly come with a greater rate factor. If both alternatives noise perfect, there is a happy medium: A house owner can make use of a premade shower frying pan or flooring and after that custom-tile the shower wall surfaces. A shower frying pan expenses anywhere from $500 to $3,500.


There might be various other needs throughout a tub-to-shower conversion job, generally pipes repair services or design alterations. House owners can anticipate to pay in between $300 and also $2,400 for any kind of added operate in their restroom. If the job is specifically pertaining to pipes, a plumbing technician will certainly bill around $90 per hr. It is a great suggestion for home owners to have all needed restroom repair services finished at the exact same time as an additional job since eventually it will certainly conserve cash in labor expenses. House owners can research study restroom restoration expenses along with tub-to-shower conversion expenses to obtain a suggestion of what they can anticipate to pay in overall.

Ease Of Access and also Safety And Security Attribute Setup

Some home owners select to transform their bathtubs to a shower for availability factors. Wheelchair problems can make it tough to climb up over the side of a bath tub right into a shower daily. There are various other functions that can be set up in a shower to enhance total security consisting of shower bars, seats, and also linings. A shower seat or bench expenses $200 to $500, and also get hold of bars or hand rails set you back $25 to $370.


When a house owner is mounting a brand-new shower, there are lots of chances for personalization. Personalizations can consist of special ceramic tile styles, racks or specific niches, a personalized shower form, and also extra. Any type of modifications past the base style will certainly raise the price, so home owners will certainly intend to maintain this in mind as they intend their desire shower style. For instance, a shower rack, specific niche, or bench varieties from $200 to $500.

Added Pipes Job

There is constantly a possibility added pipes job will certainly be needed when a house owner is transforming a bathtub to a shower. The job will certainly consist of exchanging out shower components and also mounting a shower head; nonetheless, added pipes job, like changing out-of-date pipelines and also shutoffs, might additionally be needed. The price of this pipes job can vary from $500 to $1,100. Changing an old and also out-of-date shower shutoff with among the ideal shower shutoffs expenses in between $225 and also $575.

Mold And Mildew Removal

When a bath tub is gotten rid of from a restroom—specifically an older restroom—there is a possibility the service provider will certainly discover mold and mildew. Little problems will certainly not have excessive of a budget plan effect, however bigger problems can call for mold and mildew removal that dramatically raises the restroom remodel price. Mold and mildew or mold triggered by water damages can rot timber framework or drywall along with developing wellness issues. Mold and mildew removal expenses for a restroom array from $500 to $1,000 relying on the seriousness.


Most of the times, a tub-to-shower conversion job will certainly call for a structure license to finish. This results from the pipes alterations needed. A structure examiner should check these alterations to guarantee they are appropriate and also up to code. The price of a structure license varies from $180 to $2,000 relying on the extent of the job and also where it’s located. House owners can talk to their service provider to identify whether a structure license is needed and also what it will usually set you back.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion Cost

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Kinds Of Tub-to-Shower Conversions

There are usually 3 kinds of showers home owners can pick from when transforming a bathtub to a shower: a walk-in shower, a shower delay, or a tiled shower. The information and also prices for every tub-to-shower conversion choice are clarified listed below.

Walk-in Shower

A tub-to-walk-in shower conversion expenses anywhere from $800 to $15,000. This sort of shower does not have a door, providing an extra roomy feeling and also far better availability for those with physical constraints. Walk-in showers can be made in several products and also dimensions, therefore the broad rate array. Built walk-in shower devices are located at the reduced end of the rate array, while big, custom-tiled walk-in showers go to the high-end.

Shower Stall

Changing a bathtub with a shower delay expenses in between $1,000 and also $8,000. Shower stalls are frequently built and also been available in a package that consists of the wall surfaces and also flooring. Added functions like a shower seat or glass door will certainly contribute to the total price. There are different shower delay forms to pick from, with each having various costs as adheres to:

  • Square edge shower delay: $350 to $1,400
  • Round edge shower delay: $500 to $1,300
  • Rectangle-shaped shower delay: $500 to $2,300
  • Curbless shower delay: $2,000 to $4,100

Tiled Shower

Tiled showers have wall surfaces and also a flooring covered in ceramic tiles. Transforming a bathtub to a tiled shower will certainly set you back in between $3,500 and also $15,000, however this rate eventually relies on the square video footage of the shower. House owners can anticipate to pay $25 per square foot for products and also labor. Particular kinds of ceramic tiles will certainly be extra costly than others—home owners can select ceramic floor tile to conserve cash, and also marble ceramic tile for a splurge.

Advantages of a Tub-to-Shower Conversion

There are several factors a house owner might intend to exchange out their bathtub for a shower, whether it’s to enhance the appearance of their restroom, make far better use area, or enhance availability. These and also various other advantages of a tub-to-shower conversion are listed here.

Much Better Use Area

In little restrooms, a bath tub can use up a great deal of useful space in the design. If the residence’s homeowners aren’t making use of the bath tub commonly, it can seem like squandered area. A shower is commonly a much better use area, as it does not require to be as big as a bathtub. A bathtub can be 6 feet (or 72 inches) in size, while a little shower system might be just 30 inches. House owners can utilize the additional area for much-needed storage space or to offer the restroom an extra open feeling.

Decreased Water Costs

Showering utilizes much less water than washing; for that reason, a tub-to-shower conversion will typically lower a residence’s water usage and also water expenses. This is not constantly the instance if homeowners take long showers; nonetheless, gradually, bathing is most likely to conserve home owners cash contrasted to washing.

Improved Safety And Security

It is not unusual for injuries to happen in a restroom that belong to getting involved in the bath tub. Individuals might slide and also drop while browsing over the bath tub’s side. Eliminating this barrier and also mounting a shower will certainly enhance the security of a restroom. This is a specifically crucial factor to consider if anybody in the family has flexibility problems.

Simpler Ease Of Access

Entering a walk-in shower is a lot easier for all individuals than getting involved in a bath tub, no matter physical capability. The side of a bathtub is well-known for creating slides and also drops and also can be a significant barrier for those with flexibility constraints. A shower will certainly have simply a little aesthetic or might also be curbless, making it basic to enter and also out of.

Reduced Upkeep

It is generally simpler to maintain a shower tidy contrasted to a bath tub. Considering that the wall surfaces are straight and also smooth, there are less sides where soap residue and also particles can develop. Shower wall surfaces will certainly withstand mold and mildew and also mold development and also are rather self-cleaning as the water stream from the shower head reaches the wall surface and also flooring surface areas.

Enhanced Appearances

An attractive walk-in shower has a tendency to look even more premium than a fundamental bath tub. House owners have the capability to completely tailor the shower and also wall surface alternatives instead of being stuck to simply a rectangle-shaped bathtub. Searching for tub-to-shower conversion before-and-after pictures can aid home owners imagine the distinction mounting a shower could make to their restroom.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion Cost

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Tub-to-Shower Conversion: Do It Yourself vs. Employing a Specialist 

Shower delay sets might show up simple to mount, however there is a great deal even more to the job than satisfies the eye. Changing a bathtub with a shower calls for demolition, drywall, framework, and also most notably pipes abilities that the majority of home owners do not have. Furthermore, there is a great deal that can fail if the pipes is set up inaccurately. Sewage system gases can support from the drainpipe, and also water can leakage from pipelines. For these factors, it is advised that home owners stay clear of do it yourself tub-to-shower conversion tasks and also work with an expert for the job rather.

A specialist restroom service provider can completely analyze a tub-to-shower conversion job and also provide their understanding on the most effective sort of shower to mount. The very best tub-to-shower conversion firms will certainly have experience finishing comparable tasks and also will likely finish the job much faster than an unskilled house owner would certainly. House owners will certainly additionally intend to bear in mind that some regions do not enable home owners to finish this sort of job themselves; rather, a certified specialist should finish the job as component of the allowing procedure.

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Exactly How to Conserve Cash on Tub-to-Shower Conversion Price

A tub-to-shower conversion will certainly set you back countless bucks, so budget-conscious home owners might be trying to find methods to conserve cash on the job. Take a look at these money-saving suggestions and also identify if they are possible methods to conserve cash on your tub-to-shower conversion job.

  • Select a premade shower system. Premade shower devices are more economical than custom-made showers. While you will just have a minimal choice of dimensions and also designs to pick from, in contrast to a personalized shower that includes endless alternatives, it is a wonderful method to conserve considerable cash.
  • Do the bath tub elimination on your own. Not all home owners can tackle getting rid of a bath tub themselves, however particular ones with building and construction experience might have the ability to. Make sure to completely look into the procedure and also get hold of a number of individuals to aid with eliminating your existing bath tub to prepare for your brand-new shower.
  • Have an adaptable timeline. The autumn and also springtime have a tendency to be preferred times for residence restoration tasks. Think about finishing your job in the center of summer season or winter months so there are extra specialists offered and also you have alternatives when it involves the price of solutions.
  • Think about working with a tub-to-shower specialized business. There are several firms around that focus on transforming bathtubs to showers. Some have the ability to finish these tasks quick and also at a lowered price. Research study these firms and also inquire about their one-day tub-to-shower conversion price.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion Cost

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Concerns to Inquire About Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Prior to working with an expert restroom service provider to transform a bath tub to a shower, home owners will certainly intend to make certain they appropriately veterinarian the business. By asking the complying with inquiries, home owners can obtain even more details regarding the conversion procedure and also make an educated working with choice for their restroom restoration job.

  • Do you provide complimentary price quotes?
  • Will you give a composed quote and also agreement?
  • Are you certified and also guaranteed to finish this sort of job?
  • For how long have you stayed in business?
  • What sort of training do you provide for your workers?
  • Will the job be finished by a staff member of your company or by a subcontractor?
  • Can you give referrals from comparable tasks?
  • What dimension will the brand-new shower be? Exist various other design alternatives?
  • Can I see several of your tub-to-shower conversion photos?
  • Do you suggest any kind of various other operate in enhancement to transforming the bathtub?
  • Do you anticipate any kind of mold and mildew removal job or added pipes job?
  • Do you call for a deposit, and also if so, just how much?
  • What is the settlement timetable, and also do you provide layaway plan?
  • Do you provide items from certain brand names? If so, what is your Kohler tub-to-shower conversion price?
  • Do you provide a service warranty on your job?
  • Exactly how quickly can you arrange the job?
  • For how long will the tub-to-shower conversion take?
  • Will this job call for a structure allow?
  • Exactly how can I contact you while the job remains in development?
  • Do you care for the clean-up after the job is full?
  • Exactly how will you secure my residence from damages throughout the job?
  • Exactly how do you deal with disagreements or differences?

Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to beginning a tub-to-shower conversion job, it is very important for home owners to be experienced regarding as much of the procedure as feasible. The response to the complying with often asked inquiries provide added details on transforming a bath tub to a shower.

Q. What should I think about when transforming a bathtub right into a shower?

House owners will certainly intend to think about the whole extent of the job when transforming a bathtub right into a shower. Do they intend to have simply a shower in their restroom, or are they taking into consideration changing the bathtub? Does the remainder of the restroom requirement to be renovated throughout this procedure? House owners will certainly intend to think of just how they make use of the area everyday and also intend their tub-to-shower conversion appropriately.

Q. Is it more affordable to mount a shower or a bathtub?

It sets you back a little bit even more to mount a shower than to mount a bathtub. The price to mount a shower varies from around $3,300 to $10,500, while the price to change a bathtub or mount a brand-new one varies from around $4,150 to $10,850. A walk-in bathtub expenses much more than a typical bathtub, with a variety of $4,000 to $20,000. The precise price relies on the dimension of the shower or bathtub and also the top quality of the products utilized.

Q. Exactly how do I discover an expert installer?

To discover an expert installer for a tub-to-shower conversion job, home owners can begin by asking their pals, family members, and also next-door neighbors for suggestions. They might additionally intend to research study online for vetted restroom specialists in their location. Preferably, the service provider will certainly manage the whole job and also job straight with the plumbing professional to collaborate job, taking those jobs out of the house owner’s hands.

Q. Is it worth it to transform a bathtub right into a shower?

Whether it’s worth it or otherwise to transform a bathtub right into a shower relies on when a house owner prepares to market their residence. If they will certainly be staying in your home for several years ahead and also favor a shower over a bathtub, after that it deserves it to transform as they will certainly obtain a great deal of usage from it. If a house owner intends on offering their residence within a couple of years, they will certainly intend to think about the advantages and disadvantages of marketing a residence without a bathtub. While some purchasers might favor a walk-in shower to a bathtub, others that delight in bathrooms or have children will likely desire a minimum of one bathtub in their residence.

Q. Should I purchase a shower delay or develop a shower?

While it is extra cost effective to purchase a shower delay, home owners can obtain the precise design and also dimension shower they desire by constructing a personalized one. The solution eventually relies on a house owner’s budget plan and also their wanted dimension and also design of shower. If a house owner has the budget plan offered, a tailor-made walk-in shower is most likely the most effective choice.

Q. For how long does it require to transform a bathtub to a shower?

It can take as long as 1 to 2 weeks to transform a bathtub to a shower, relying on the job extent. Mounting a premade shower set will certainly take simply a number of days, while mounting a big, entirely custom-tiled shower will certainly use up to a week. Aspects that influence the period of the job consist of the intricacy, dimension of the shower, and also the experience of the installer.

Mounting a shower?

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